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Fundraising Ideas

Is your Schools, Group or Sport Team looking to raise funds? If the answer is yes then Cash for Clothes is the place for you. We offer great rates and a great service so call Cash for Clothes today.

School Collections

This is a great way of getting the whole school involved. You don’t have to ask people to dip into their pockets you are just asking them to bring in the clothing items they no longer use. It shows students how important recycling is and how it can help their school. We can help design posters to help you promote the collections and we can be there at a time and day that suits you. To get Cash for Clothes into you school as you need to do is call us today!



Club Collections

Cash for Clothes have a long history of dealing with all types of clubs. We have clubs who organise collections with us time and time again and some clubs even do collections a few times a year. It is a great way of raising funds for the club with a small amount of work needed. All you need to do is let us know the date and time and we can do the rest. Call Cash for Clothes today to organise your club collection.


Individual Collection

Lets not forget those of you who just have a build up of clothes in your home that you need collected. Why not call Cash for Clothes today so you can earn money for the clothes that have been lying in the wardrobe for way too long. If you have 15 large bags or more we will collect from you and give you payment there and then. If you don’t have that many bags but would still like to us our Cash For Clothes Service then give us a call and arrange a drop off at our depot.