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About Us

Cash for Clothing is a family run business with a long reputation for offering top prices for your clothes. We are experts in the clothes recycling industry and are well known for our Cash for Clothing Service. Our depots and all our vehicles a kitted out with state of the art weighing facilities to ensure you get the right cash for your clothes. We are extremely passionate about recycling and deal with some of the largest recyclers in the world. Our main aim is to keep clothes that can be recycled from going to landfill and why not offer a cash reward for people who are willing to do that. Whether you are and individual, small group, school or large sports club we are on hand to help you recycle while raising cash at the same time. Don’t Delay, Clear out those wardrobes and get Cash for Clothes Today.

Beware of Bogus Callers:

Unfortunately from time to time there can be a few bogus callers from time to time. Some companies say they are doing collections door to door for charity but seldom this is the case. Most authentic clothes recyclers don’t do door to door collections but one tip is to ring the number on the sticker they provide you. If you don’t get an answer then don’t leave out you clothes for them.

How to spot a fake                                                                 

There are several tell-tale signs that distinguish a genuine collection from a fake charity: